Speed Reduction on Decoursey

Latonia Business Association advocates for Speed Reduction on Decoursey Ave.

For months the Latonia Business Association has been working to get the speed limit changed from 35 mph to 20 mph, from Winston Ave at 39th Street to Ritte’s Corner, and then north on Decoursey Ave to 36th St.
We have engaged the City of Covington who has been supportive, who in turn contacted the Kentucky Transportation Cabinet, and then encountered some hurdles.
However, now, thanks to the efforts of Rick Kennedy and many others, we have made some head way.
Now we need your help!
We need letters from your businesses, schools, and churches addressed to the Kentucky Transportation Cabinet.
We need the letter to be simple and include at least these most important things:
Request them to Reduce Speed because of:
1. Pedestrian safety issues – deaths on the road;
churches, school children and businesses in area;
2. Increase in vehicle accidents on this stretch of road

Please email your letter to Patrick O’Donnell, LBA President, or Vicky Bauerle, LBA Board Member, by Friday, June 28th.

Thank you!