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Below is a list of recent LBA meetings. Enjoy!

Speaker Dr. Vicki Berling, May 2022

Dr. Vicki Berling
Director of professional development at the Building Industry Association
Enzweiler Building Institute

LBA Monthly Meeting Notice May 2022

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Speaker Patrick Duffy, April 2022

Patrick Duffy
Business Economic Retention Specialist
City of Covington

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Kentucky Monthly Magazine, March 2022

Kentucky Monthly Magazine

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Brandon Holmes & Keith Bales Neighborhood Services, Feb 2022

Brandon Holmes, Neighborhood Services Director and Keith Bales, Assistant Neighborhood Services Director
City of Covington

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Joy Pierson Assistant City Manager, Jan 2022

Joy Pierson Assistant City Manager
City of Covington

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Tax Incentives for your Busine$$ – KY Cabinet for Economic Development

Marilyn LeBourveau
Project Manager
Kentucky Cabinet for Economic Development

TAX CREDIT INCENTIVES for your business!

Guest Speaker:
Marilyn LeBourveau
Project Manager
KY Innovation, Kentucky Cabinet for Economic Development



Kentucky Small Business Tax Credit (KSBTC) program features a 24-month ‘look back’ period and 5-year carry-forward! The tax credit is based on new full-time jobs created and investment in qualifying equipment or technology.  The KSBTC offers tax credits ranging from $3,500 – $25,000 for qualified businesses. Most for-profit small businesses are eligible! Come find out how you can take advantage of this valuable, yet underutilized, state incentive program!


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KY Senator Chris McDaniel

KY Senator Chris McDaniel
Kentucky State Senator
Commonwealth of Kentucky

We look forward to Senator McDaniel’s presentation on Wednesday, October 16, 2019, wherein he will share the latest from the KY Senate, as well as provide information on any upcoming relevant legislation.

Senator McDaniel began his service in the KY Senate in 2013.  He serves on several committees and is a member of the Northern Kentucky Caucus. He represents the northern portion of District 23 of Kenton County.

Senator McDaniel’s complete LRC information page is viewable here.






Hon. Joseph U. Meyer, Mayor

Hon. Joseph U. Meyer
City of Covington, Kentucky

Please join us for the latest on all that’s going on in the City of Covington! So many initiatives, successes and developments to hear about in this Mayoral Update.

Mayor Meyer was elected in 2016 and began his 4-year term in January 2017.

Mayor Meyer served 15 years in the Kentucky General Assembly, in both the House and Senate. He then served as Senior Policy Advisor to the Governor, after which he was appointed as Secretary of the Education and Workforce Development Cabinet, from where he retired in 2013.

Mayor Meyer is a 4th generation Covingtonian. He and his wife Dale raised their four children in Covington – all of whom live and work in Covington.






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State Rep. Hon. Charles “Buddy” Wheatley

State Representative Hon. Buddy Wheatley
Kentucky State Representative, Kenton County's 65th District
Kentucky State Legislature

Monthly Meeting | Wednesday, April 17, 2019
11:45 am to 1:00 pm
Twin Oaks Golf & Plantation Club
450 East 43rd Street, Latonia

Guest Speaker: 
State Representative Hon. Buddy Wheatley
65th District, Kenton County (part)

Please join us for an up-to-the-minute (well, almost!) Legislative Update!
State Representative Buddy Wheatley is an attorney and a retired Covington Fire Chief.
He was elected to the State House of Representatives in 2018 for the term beginning January 2019.

Representative Wheatley serves on the following Committees:

House Session Standing Committee
– Economic Development & Workforce Investment (H) (Member)
– Licensing, Occupations, & Admin Regs (H) (Member)
– Veterans, Military Affairs, and Public Protection (H) (Member)
Interim Joint Committee
– Licensing, Occupations, and Administrative Regulations (Member)
– Veterans, Military Affairs, and Public Protection (Member)
– Economic Development and Workforce Investment (Member)
Statutory Committee
– Public Pension Oversight Board (Member)
– Northern Kentucky Caucus (Member)








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LBA March 2019 Meeting – Covington City Commissioners

Covington City Commissioners
City of Covington, Kentucky

Please join us on Wednesday, March 20 to hear from the New Covington City Commission!

The Covington City Commissioners will share their views and visions for Covington as well as their goals for their current term. They will talk with the audience and take questions following the presentation. Please join us!

We’ll be at Legend’s, 3530 Decoursey Avenue.  Please RSVP here.

Click here for meeting notice:  LBA Monthly Meeting Notice MAR 20 2019 FINAL

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Film Cincinnati Presentation

Kristen Schlotman
Executive Director
Film Cincinnati

Filming Movies in Latonia and the Region

Kristen Schlotman, Executive Director of Film Cincinnati, will share with us the process by which they choose locations for filming major movies locally, working with ‘the stars’, the benefits to movie producers of filming in Kentucky, as well as the many exciting aspects of her job!


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New Year = New Start for your Busine$$!

Rebecca Volpe
Executive Director
Small Business Development Center at NKU

New Year = New Start for your Busine$$!
Effective (and mostly free!) Marketing Strategies and Tools to Increase your Business for 2019

Rebecca Volpe, Executive Director
Small Business Development Center at NKU

Rebecca will share the latest and greatest in marketing and selling strategies & tools for finding, reaching, targeting and making the sale to new customers for your business/industry, along with financing business growth projects, such as expansions, equipment purchases, access to working capital, etc., as well as answering audience questions.

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